Wine & Bath Soak Pairing | Red Wine Flight

Wine & Bath Soak Pairing | Red Wine Flight

$ 40.00

Wine down with these bath soak pairings that complement your favorite red wines.

Our Red Wine Flight combine two absolute favorites, wine and baths. We have created the perfect bath soak to complement some of your favorite red wines: Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Made with Hawaiian Red Alaea, our wine lovers will experience a soothing bath that remineralizes and promotes healthier skin.

| Bath Soak Pairings Included |

+ Cabernet: Full-bodied scent of dark berries and savory notes of peppercorn.
+ Merlot: Blood Orange has a top note of tart citrus, while cedarwood is a rich, wood base note.
+ Pinot Noir: Fennel gives these salts a slight licorice quality that balances nicely with orange’s tannic acidity and the cooling aroma of mint.

| Good Uses |

+ Perfect pairing to wine down
+ Ingredients promote healthy skin
+ Replenishes body with natural minerals