Natural Beauty Essentials Set

Natural Beauty Essentials Set

$ 50.00

Good people deserve good gifts. Natural beauties deserve natural gifts. This is a great natural starter skincare set for someone special. Set includes kraft paper gift box.

This fresh picked pint is full of goodness. Give this Natural Beauty Essentials Set as a special token to include:

| Apricot & Rosehip Skin Nectar |
+ Reap the harvest of a botanical-rich dry oil blend designed for your face and body. Apricot and Rosehip Skin Nectar deeply penetrates the skin giving you a softer feel for longer. Crafted with only seven ingredients, our Skin Nectar allows you to feel the goodness nature intended. Subtle aroma of lavender, rose and spearmint to relax and refresh the senses.

| Avocado Lip Butter |
+ Crafted from the fruit of the avocado and coconut trees, this Avocado Lip Butter is packed with creamy goodness to smear all over your lips. Avocado Lip Butter penetrates the skin for super hydrated lips and lasting softness.

| Fruit & Seed Lip Oil |
+ Fruit and Seed Lip Oil is crafted especially for your lips. This lip-loving blend contains four plant-based oils, including apricot, coconut, pomegranate and rosehip. Our fragrance-free lip oil absorbs quickly into lip tissue to give you a softer and smoother feel for longer. Simply glide it on and you're finished.

| Milk & Oat Cleansing Face Grains |
+ Made with coconut milk, colloidal oatmeal and kaolin clay, these face grains are a 3-in-1 cleanser, exfoliant and clay mask. Our Milk & Oat Cleansing Face Grains are naturally derived and chemical-free to ensure your skin isn’t stripped of moisture like commercial soaps. Rose petals and lavender buds are finely ground in this cleanser for mild-scrubbing properties and a fragrant, floral addition. To use, simply add a dash of water, mix, apply and rinse.